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Links to other lists of social science related sites

Data on the Net
     Searchable lists of datasets and series, data archives and catalogs, and data distributrors. See the list of Social Science Gateways of web portals for every conceivable discpoline, from anthropology to transportation. Extensive and helpful annotations. Compiled by Jim Jacobs, University of California, San Diego.

     Focus is on links to U.S. regional economic information. Most represent federal statistical agencies but state and local government, as well as university and private sites, are also indexed. Contents are not searchable; use the categories by broad subject areas, provider, or type of product (microdata, compendia, and so forth).

     Good source for locating economic time series, but it helps to know precisely what series you need or who produces it. Most are from U.S statistical agencies and Federal Reserve offices, a few from Asia and Eurean sources. Not fancy but contains some hidden gems such as historical stock data, innumerable interest rate series, and other indicators of national economic activity.

Economic Policy Institute
     Focus on economic indicators related to poverty and low-income workers: miniumum wage, family budgets, unemployment insurance, pension income, Datazone contains historical national and state times series related to labor and employment.

Internet Crossroads in Social Science Data
     Consists of over 800 entries, with searchable desciptions or listings can be browsed under broad subject categories. Maintained by the Data and Information Servcie Center, University of Wisconsin.

Law and Economics Resources

Resources for Economists on the Internet
     Lists over 1,000 resources. Sponsored by the American Economic Association.

Social and Behavioural Sciences Library
     Select the category Social Science Directories and Data Archives for an international list. Inclusion of data sites and source lists is highly selective and somewhere ideosyncractic. Part of the WWW Virtual Library.

Statistical Resources on the Web
     Extensive--practically exhaustive--list of sources in all disciplines. Organized under broad categories; the frames version provides access according to 250 subcategories. Use the search function or site map to zero in on sources. Helpful annotations and up-to-date. Supported by the University of Michigan Library Documents Center.

WebEc Economics Data
     Searchable and browseable list of resouces in all formats. Most entries annotated. Data lists have representation of non-US economics. Maintained at the University of Helsiniki. No new links have been added since 2004, although dead links are corrected or removed. Site will be decommissioned in 2007.

Yahoo Social Science