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Data Distributors and Producers: Other U.S. Sources

Center for Population Health and Health Disparities
     Associated with the RAND Corporation, the CPHHD Data Core compiles a large number of health-related measures, with primary focus in the 1990s. Series focus on population and housing characteristics (largely drawn from the U.S. Census), the aging population, cost-of-living variables, pollution, and neighborhood "connectivity." Some variables are summarized at the county, census tract, and MSA levels. Registration is required for data access.
     Demographic, economic, and environmental profiles of US cities and towns both large and small, from Tombstone to Tucson and DeRuyter to Detroit. Most series appear to be derived from government sources (Census, FEC, etc.) but no attribution or list of sources is provided.

Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)
     An abundance of demographic and environmental datasets, much of it useful for GIS applications. See especially the Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) for data on environment quality, sustainability, and human-environment interaction: Part of Columbia University's Earth Institute.

Dupuy Institute (TDI)
     Produces and collects historical data on armed conflicts and their resolution. Its datasets encompass military campaigns, warfare, and battles in the U.S. and internationally, with some extending back centuries. Data are not available for immediate download. The Institute is a successor to the Historical Evaluation and Research Organization (HERO).

     Lots of economic time series, hosted by INFORUM, University of Maryland. Formatted for use with G software.

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
     The premier social science data archive. Data and codebooks may be downloaded by Cornell-affiliated users. See for information on services affiliated with Cornell's membership

Kaiser Family Foundation
     Current data on health-related topics, including cost, insurance, and public policy initiatives. Also a source of public opinion survey results on health issues. See also the Kaiser State Health Facts site at to download related time series.

Kansas Event Data System (KEDS)
     KEDS is a software that "uses automated coding of English-language news reports to generate political event data." Includes conflict and mediation datasets.

Linguistic Data Consortium
     "Creates, collects, and distributes speech and text databases, lexicons, and other resources" for reseach use. Develops tools to collect and organize linguistic data. A membership organization of universities and research laboratories, located at the University of Pennsylvania.

Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation (MDRC)
     Distributes public-use datasets related to studies on welfare-to-work, public program participation, barriers to employment, and program evaluation efforts in urban areas.

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
     Excellent source of historical economic and trade data, as well as some series on health care and vital statistics. Noteworthy collection of vital statistics and Current Population Survey files, including SAS, Stata, and SPSS input programs to die for.

     Supports mapping and report features for a suite of data products from federal, not-for-profit, and proprietary sources covering economic activity, health and environment, schools, neighborhood and housing conditiions, mortgage and lending activity, and demographics. Much of the free data (use requires registration) are from Census, HUD, USDA, and a variety of non-profits. There are also subscription options, which allow access to proprietary data and the ability to upload your own data and to create custom reports and maps. Supported by The Reinvestment Fund, a not-for-profit community development organization based in Philadelphia.

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
     Acquires and disseminates public opinion survey data. CISER maintains a Roper membership, so Cornell users can download most US data via Roper Express service. The iPOLL database of questions from American surveys is also available to Cornellians.

Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN)
     Creates user-friendly data discovery and display tools based largely on data from the 2000 Census and Kids Count indicators compiled by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Based at the Population Studies Center, University of Michigan.

State Data Centers
     SDC agencies and affiliates provide training and assistance to locate and use US Census Bureau products.

Tax Foundation
     Describes itself as nonpartisan and committed to a simplified and stable system of taxation that supports economic growth. Downloads from the Data section include information on tax rates on income, consumption, comparisons among states, results of opinion polls on taxes, and much more. Some sections have extensive time series, whereas others have only the most recent year or two.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse
     Uses public data to examine spending and enforcement activities of the federal government. Obtains data from the FBI, INS, DEA, Homeland Security, and IRS based on FOIA requests to these agencies. Extensive discussion of data sources and their limitations. Simple charts and comparison tables are freely available,other services are by subscription only. Based at Syracuse University.