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Social Science Research Institutes

Cornell University

      bullet Institute for the Social Sciences
          Serves as a catalyst for collaborative research projects at Cornell that focus on an overall theme. Maintains a calendar of events on topics of interest to the social sciences.

      bullet Survey Research Institute (SRI)
          Provides survey design, data collection, and survey analysis services on a contract basis. Home of the annual Empire State Poll.

Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan
     Supports a large number of well-known projects, including the American National Election Study, World Values Survey, Health and Retirement Study, and many others. Especially well known for its Surveys of Consumers, sponsored in part by Reuters. Supports a survey facility, population studies program, ICPSR data archive, and other research centers.

Odum Institute for Research in Social Science
     Serves the University of North Carolina research community. Maintains an extensive data archive, including the Louis Harris Data Center of polls, historical Census data, and a poll question database. Provides computing and statistical consulting support, grant preparation services, software and research design workshops.

Peace Science Society
     Sponsors conferences and publishes journals related to its mission, research on peace analysis and conflict management. Home of the Correlates of War Project and distributes its datasets.

Rand Corporation
     A nonprofit organization committed to research and analysis of emerging public policy debates. Supports the comprehensive RaDiUS database of research and development projects funded by the U.S. government. Distributes a large number of public use datasets related to the wide-ranging research it conducts: health and employment across the life span, family life, population studies.

Research School for Pacific and Asian Studies
     Also known as Coombsweb, located at Australian National University. Repository of papers, links to a variety of e-publications, some datasets. Lots of information but requires perseverance to use.