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First Time User

Everyone has to do this to open NVivo

  1. Open Nvivo: Start→All Programs→QSR→NVivo 10
  2. In User Profile:
    (this is for standalone [personal project] use - if you want to create a team project see instructions for Team below)
    1. Name = Login Name
         example:  sk269_ts
    2. Initials = type your first and last initials
         example:  sk
    3. Uncheck Participate in the customer experience improvement program.
  3. Press OK

Standalone (or Personal project)

  1. Optional Create a NVivo folder on your U: drive - reason:  by default it places data in My Documents with no sub-folder.
  2. Open NVivo: Start→All Programs→QSR→NVivo 10
    1. Title
    2. Description if needed
    3. Leave File name as default, or browse to the folder where you want it to be
    4. You can change the file location by doing the following:
      1. Select File tab→Options→File→Locations tab
      2. Press Browse and navigate to your folder


  1. Send an Email to giving the following information:
    1. A NVivo project name which you'd like to use
    2. Provide CISERRSCH usernames for:
      1. Who is the project leader
              example:  jd295_RS for project leader
      2. Usernames of those to have access to the project
              example:  ld95_RS, lsn38_RS, etc.
  2. Wait for a reply from CISER, and after you receive it, open NVivo: Start→All Programs→QSR→NVivo 10
  3. Select File tab→Options→Connections
  4. Press Add button at bottom
  5. Name = RSCHDATA1
  6. Host =
  7. Press Test Connection
    • If it works, you can check the box for Default which will always default to the server and not your local account
    • If it doesn't work, contact CISERSupport

Any questions, contact CISERSupport.