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CISER Computing User's Manual: Log-off vs. Disconnect

Closing your session

IMPORTANT:  Log-off and disconnect are NOT the same!

You should always log-off when you close your Remote Desktop Services Window unless you have programs running.

Log-off Disconnect
Your Windows session ends. Your Windows session keeps running.
You stop running programs and using the system, so you free resources for other users Your programs keep running, which is useful for calculations that require long processing time. However, you consume unnecessary resources and do not free up licenses for others if your are not processing any jobs.
You help avoid account lockouts If you try to change your password on one research server while having a disconnected session in another, this may result in lockouts.
When you reconnect, you start a new Windows session. When you reconnect, you can return to your previous Windows session, including programs and documents you left open.

To Log-off

Logging off will close your session.  more...

To Disconnect

There are two ways to disconnect. Both ways will keep your session running until you log back on to it.  more...

Note:  All running programs and sessions are stopped during system downtimes, and are NOT automatically restarted when a downtime is over.

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