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CISER Computing User's Manual: Manage Sessions, Programs and Processes

Managing your sessions, programs and processes

Running programs

The applications (SAS, SPSS, Stata, etc) on any research server are independent of those same applications on any other research server. more...

Managing sessions and processes

It is very important to manage your sessions and processes!  You may have multiple sessions open on the same or different research servers at any time.  These sessions may be either "active" or "disconnected".  Disconnected sessions happen when you close your Remote Desktop Window but do not log-off.

  • Use Task Manager to find out what you have running on the research server which you are currently using.  more...
  • Use Terminal Services Manager (or Remote Desktop Services Manager) to find out what you have running on other research servers.  more...

Directing program output

Be sure to direct your program output to your own work space, which is the U:\ drive.  NEVER save anything on a research server's C:\ drive, as it will be deleted during the next downtime.

Using files in the CISER Data Archive for input

The data archive's files are located on the V:\ drive. You may use files located there as input to your programs, but your output must be directed to your U:\ drive.


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