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CISER Computing User's Manual: Policies

System usage policies

Allowed and prohibited uses of CISER computing accounts

CISER computing accounts and file servers are for research/academic use ONLY. Research/academic use includes use associated with Cornell-approved research, class work for which you are currently enrolled, and staff work associated with supporting the research and academic functions of the University.

CISER accounts may NOT be used for any personal purposes, including but not limited to storage or backup of personal media or other files, use of social media, business-related activities, personal email (except you may move research-related files via email attachment with web-based email to save in your work space), watching streaming video or any other personal activities. Accounts and passwords may not be shared with anyone, as detailed below. Violations of this policy will result in the loss of access privileges.

Selecting the appropriate level of technical security

You are responsible for selecting the appropriate level of technical security based upon the type of data that you use on CISER servers. When requesting an account, you will need to assert that you are in compliance with and in good faith analysis of the security safeguards required for the type of data you intend to use.

Below is a classification chart to assist you with identifying the type of data that is appropriate for a CISER account. Data that are confidential, restricted, sensitive or proprietary CANNOT be used on the RSCH servers, and must be used on the CRADC Secure Data servers.

RSCH serversCRADC Secure Data servers
No individual identity can be deduced directly or indirectly Detailed characteristics are present and identifiable
Public use data Data are not publically available
Non-identifiable variables Individual identifiers such as name, address, specific location are present
Data provider agreement not required Data provider requires a use agreement
No restrictions or terms and conditions controlling use by members of the Cornell community Terms and conditions controlling use of the data

If after review of this classification you are unsure what account type you need, please contact for assistance.

Resource Usage on CISERís Shared Servers

CISER servers are a shared resource available to all users at any time. To maintain this accessibility for you and everyone else, please be aware of your usage and do not monopolize systems, especially multiple servers. If you have a complex program that runs for an extended time or requires substantial resources, do not hesitate to contact to see if accommodations can be made.

Passwords and accounts

Passwords and/or accounts may NOT be shared with any other person! Sharing passwords and/or accounts is against CISERís system usage policies, as well as Cornellís Abuse of Computers and Network Systems policy.

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