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CISER Computing User's Manual: Your work space

About your work space

  • Your work space is located at your U:\ drive. Regardless of which research server you log-on to, you will always have access to the same files on your U:\ drive.
  • Every user account has its own work space. If you have multiple user accounts, your U:\ drive will be unique to each of your user accounts.
  • Files stored in your work space are backed up daily, protecting your work.
  • Your research server's Desktop is part of your work space. Any shortcuts you place there will be saved.
  • Your research server's Documents folder (found by clicking on the Start Menu and then Documents) is also part of your work space. Any files you place there will be saved.
  • IMPORTANT: The C:\ drive is NOT part of your work space. Anything you store on a research server's C:\ drive will be deleted during the next downtime!

Finding your work space

  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Go to Computer.
  3. Under Network Location, find the U:\ drive.
  4. Double-click on the U:\ drive. This is your work space.

Desktop shortcuts

  • Create shortcuts to sub-folders in your work space.   more...
  • Create shortcuts to software applications.   more...

Identifying file extentions and pathnames

By default, Windows hides file extensions which are recognized by the system. You may change your settings to see all file extensions, and also to see full pathnames in the title bar.   more...

Storing large files

To help conserve disk space on the research file server, you can compress large files in your work space.


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