Using the CISER Archive

Please note the following:

  • USAGE: Use of Archive data and documentation is limited to the purpose of academic research. Other use or redistribution is a violation of Cornell’s Campus Code of Conduct and Policy Regarding Abuse of Computers and Network Systems. Acquiring Archive files means you understand and acknowledge these policies.
  • FORMAT: All files are downloaded in compressed (zip) format. Use 7-ZIP or another utility to unzip the files.
  • RESTRICTIONS: Some studies are restricted to those having accounts on the CISER Research Computing System. Other studies have additional restrictions from data distributors; see our policies page for additional information. Restricted files cannot be downloaded from the archive catalog.


Data files, most documentation, and other files (for example, SAS, SPSS, and Stata programs) are housed on the CISER file server. Some data require facility with a statistical software package that can read and manipulate raw data files or software-specific datasets.

The following are different ways Cornell users can use or obtain data archive holdings (click to expand):

Direct from CISER’s research servers
Downloads from catalog links
Printed Documentation and Reports
Archive Data Files in other Formats