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CBS News Poll: Clinton/Ethics, 1997

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CBS News.  New York : CBS News, 1997 [producer].   Storrs, CT : The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research [distributor].   Note: Roper Archive Number: USCBS1997-97006B.   Codebook: PUB-047.  This study includes files enhanced by Cornell researchers and/or staff.

       User Note:   For the use of Cornell University affiliated users only. Roper Center allows no redistribution in any form.   

Abstract:  This public opinion poll was conducted on June 10-11, 1997. The topics covered include: Clinton job approval, the most important issue facing the nation, the economy, foreign policy, outlook for the next 4 years, the importance of the Whitewater scandal, race relations, progress on lessening racial disrimination, thoughts on the guilt of Timothy McVeigh, the death penalty, and the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit.

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