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Gallup Poll Social Series: Consumption Habits, 2004

Bibliographic Information:
Gallup Organization.  Princeton, NJ: The Gallup Organization, 2004 [producer].   Codebook: PUB-516(2004).

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Abstract:  This survey is sponsored by CNN/USA Today and conducted by the Gallup Organization. A national sample of adults were interviewed on July 8-11, 2004. Major topics covered: economic conditions; smoking; alcohol consumption; personal eating habits; body weight;

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SPSS DatasetV:\pub\516\2004_07_08x_consumption.sav330 KB  /  105 KB
Note:  Binary file. Contains 1005 obs & 188 vars.

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QuestionnaireV:\pub\516\2004_07_08_gpss_ch_ques.pdf53 KB  /  40 KB
Note:  Binary - use Adobe Acrobat to view.

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