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CISER Secure Data Services:  CRADC

Requesting File Movement On/Off the CRADC System

If permitted by a data use agreement, system custodians can put files on or remove files from the CRADC system. When requesting a file be placed on or removed from CRADC, the user assumes primary responsibility for complying with the terms of an existing data use agreement.

Steps for requesting a file removal from the CRADC system:

  1. Use WinZip on the CRADC system to put your files in a .zip file for download.

  2. Place the .zip file in your authorized folder on the file server S:\.

  3. Fill in all the fields in the form below and click "Submit Request" .

Steps for requesting a file placement on the CRADC system:

  1. Create a .zip file with all the files you want placed on the CRADC system.

  2. Scan the .zip file with an antivirus software.

  3. Fill in all the fields in the form below and click "Submit Request".

  4. E-mail your .zip file to the CRADC Data Custodian. If the file is too large for an e-mail attachment or if it contains sensitive or restricted-use files, contact the Data Custodian.

CRADC File Movement Request Form:

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Moving file From (or) To CRADC:  
Name of file:
CRADC directory where file is located:
Brief description of the information in the file:
I agree that the contents and the intended use of the files that I have requested to be transferred are in accordance with the data providerís terms and conditions and the CRADC User Agreement.