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How to Run Mathematica on the Research Servers

Once you log on to a research server click Start, point to Programs, and choose Wolfram Mathematica 7 from the Wolfram Mathematica program group. Your screen after start up will consist of two parts: a new notebook and a pallet for entering a special input.

You enter Mathematica input into the notebook, then press <SHIFT><ENTER> to make Mathematica process your input. You can use the standard editing features of your graphical interface to prepare your input, which may go on for several lines. Pressing <SHIFT><ENTER> tells Mathematica that you have finished your input.

After you send Mathematica input from your notebook, Mathematica will label your input with In[n]:= . It labels the corresponding output Out[n]= .


With a notebook interface, you just type 2+2 and press <SHIFT><ENTER>. Mathematica then adds the label In[1]:= , and prints the result.

In[1]:= 2+2

Out[1] = 4

Mathematica is made of two parts: a kernel and a front end. The kernel is the part that does calculations. The front end is the part that handles notebooks and interaction with the user.

Your first calculation will take longer then subsequent calculations because the Mathmatica kernel has to start up.