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CISER Computing User's Manual: File Access Control

Sharing files with other users

By default, only you have access to the files in your work space. To share space, you can either request a shared work space to be created for you, or you can give access for others to get to a folder in your own user space. In either case the other users must first have an active user account on the CISER research servers.

  • To request a shared work space on the S:\ drive
    The research servers have an S:\ drive specifically for shared work spaces. This is the easier option because you won't need to set permissions, and your collaborators won't need to map a drive.

    To create a shared space request for you and your collaborators, or add user(s) to an existing shared space, use the shared space request form:
Enter the username you use to login to your CISER computing account
 I want a NEW shared space to be created
 I want to ADD users to my EXISTING shared space
 I want to REMOVE users from my EXISTING shared space


  • To give access for others to get to specific sub-folders within your own work space.
    1. First, you'll need to set-up the permissions yourself.  more...
    2. Then, the user(s) you gave access to will need to map a drive to your sub-folder.  more...

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