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Searching for CISER Archive Data

This page explains various methods of finding what data is available on CISER's file server (previously referred to as Athena) and how to locate its associated files. For additional information about using CISER Archive data, see Locating and Using Archive Data on the CISER Research Computing System.

Checking Archive Holdings

The archive holdings database may be used to find a specific study title and associated files.  There are several ways to find out what studies we have:

A. Search our holdings catalog:

  • Search our catalog by specific fields such as title, principal investigator, issuing agency, ICPSR number, and abstract.
  • Use the archive partition with our website search engine. Website search forms are on the left sidebar of CISER's web pages, in the Search CISER section . Above the Search button, choose Data Archive (only) from the drop-down list.

B. Scroll through our studies listings:

  • Browse our catalog by subject areas, including 19 broad categories and 56 subcategories.
  • See our list of recent additions on the CISER Research Computing System.
  • See our list of recent additions to our CD-ROM collection.

C. Search the CUL catalog:

  • Most of the holdings on the CISER Research Computing System are listed in the Cornell University Library online catalog.  At this time, Archive data in diskette or CD-ROM formats are included in the CISER catalog but not in the CUL catalog.